Chris Brown

Photographer Chris Brown enjoys portraiture and exploring projects using both natural and studio lighting.     A fan of art history, many of his images incorporate Renaissance techniques like sfumato and chiaroscuro.   1st prize the London Photo Show, 2020.   Member of Studio Scheef, Den Haag.

Image:  Dove & Hawk  (61 x 81 cm)

1st prize, The London Photo Show 2020

Limited to 5 prints

Metallic ultraHD Photo Print, Alu-Dibond 3 mm under Acrylic glass 2 mm glossy, Aluminium gallery rails, frame aluminium ArtBox, 25 mm (black)


Notes from image creation process

  1. Concept of symbolic hawk and dover
  2. Computer graphic design or “story board”
  3. Studio model with taxidermy hawk and dove
  4. Different verions
  5. Editing