About Us

Hetty Huisman – Founder of ExitArtAmsterdam Art Gallery

ExitArtAmsterdam is a non-profit art gallery that helps artists develop their careers and promote their work. The gallery operates as a collective and embodies inspiration, cross-pollination, connection, and collaboration. Hetty Huisman, the visionary behind Exit Art, started her artistic venture 15 years ago in an abandoned retail space. From a studio, ExitArtAmsterdam Gallery came into being. Hetty explains, “Exit” represents the constant need to move out of a temporary occupancy, leading to a fresh start elsewhere in the city, with new opportunities and inspiration.

Hetty’s passion for art drives her. As an artist herself, she creates fascinating images that portray reality through simplicity and minimalism. As a gallery owner, she also promotes the work of fellow artists. “Collaborating with artists motivated by the desire to support and promote each other’s art instead of pursuing profits is something I find amazing.” The platform provides artists with the opportunity to showcase their art to a broad audience, along with resources and support that foster diversity and inclusivity, making a meaningful contribution to society. “The affiliated artists collectively shape the gallery and strive for continuous improvement through inspiring conversations and discussions.”

Assisting talented artists in gaining exposure to a wide audience is a source of great energy for Hetty. Working with new, young artists is both a source of inspiration and a different approach to entrepreneurship. In the coming period, Hetty aims to expand ExitArtAmsterdam’s online presence to promote affiliated artists globally, not limiting the gallery to the Netherlands or a physical space. “I also intend to establish partnerships with museums and other institutions to offer artists more exposure and opportunities.”