Arno Hoogland

Arno Hoogland is an Amsterdam based product designer and interior architect. With a background in design and woodworking he combines modern production techniques with traditional crafts and model making.                      Through experimentation with movement, light, form and texture his work explores human behaviour within spaces and towards objects. His work provokes sensory interaction to make people aware of their habits, while renewing their attention to their surroundings.

Paméla Maria

Paméla makes abstract geometric paintings and collages like assemblages. Her Background as a designer can be recognized in her artworks: the ease with which she works with various materials; the perfection; the graphic character; the investigative and experimental character of her work, the photographic eye. Usually she works on several creations at the time. In this way she can perform, think, experiment and watch at the same time which for her results in a wonderful working flow. Every work is the result of trying and experimenting with form, material and colour.

Pamela portret

Silvia Strobos

Silvia`s main theme is encounters, you see people meeting , greeting and waving to each other.With her paintings she wants to express how extremely important human interaction is, especially in times where social media has so much influence on our social livesThat`s probably the reason why her paintings are so full, in this way it emphasises the message. Living in a world of algorithms, hashtags and followers, we shouldn’t forget how important real human interaction is !


Erik Timmermans

Is visual artist and writer from Amsterdam. Eriks’ latest series of paintings is called Platte Art. He came to this series while and through writing the book Berlin – a guide to the capital of the GDR. In it,  the history of the vanished country is described through places in Berlin and by many interviews with residents of the country. Erik was moved by the people’s stories. Because despite everything, many people in the GDR also had a normal life that was meaningful. With the Platte Art series, Erik wants gives these stories a place in paintings/pictures. Using the formal language of the grey prefabricated buildings, he creates new façade structures. The naïve, monotonous images and forms refer to a reality that evokes (sometimes unpleasant) associations, but does not always correspond to them. Erik is in search of the tension between representation and meaning.                                                                                                        

Kika Notten

Kika is a self-taught expert in painting with egg tempera, a technique with as many possibilities as limitations. The process of painting is slow, working with egg-tempera takes patience. The paintings are actually built with endless soft strokes and touches of more or less transparent paint. Because of her unconventional way of working, the technique continues to surprise her. That makes every painting a journey with an unknown destination. Kika’s theme always concerns nature, the last year her subject is World on Fire. She captures the threatening situation in the world, both literally and figuratively, in paintings where sometimes the fire is overwhelming and sometimes only an orange glow in the distance.

Hetty Huisman

Hetty Huisman’s sculptures are fascinating, both in their shape and materials.  She has a personal style, recognisable by their surfaces and combination of curves with sharp lines.  Huisman depicts reality through simplicity and minimalism.  Her synthetic resin sculptures are meticulously finished and covered in automotive paint. Her zinc sculptures depict abstract shapes with strong lines. They have a stunning smooth finish and are held in position within a stainless steel frame. These sculptures can be placed either indoors or outside.  Recently Hetty has discovered the metal and wood lathe, her latest works are the bouquets; cylinders of wood and re-cycled plastics.

Fire Stones_12x12

Ramona Dales

Ramona Dales (USA, living in Haarlem and France) graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Utrecht and the University of Arts in Amsterdam and has been a lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts in Kampen (NL).Nowadays she contributes to Art Fair Heemstede as a fundraiser, is art curator for HOF20 in Haarlem, participates in gallery ExitArtAmsterdam and is a member of l’Association Albaterra in France.She makes objects that refer to archeological excavations: a resonance of past cultures, petrified organic forms or the succession of layers of earth in a landscape, using a variety of materials that inspire her and set her out on an associative trail.

Marijke van Oostrum

Marijke van Oostrum works with different disciplines.
She paints plein air with oil paint, makes iPad drawings and “sewn forest sketches” with te sewing machine.
Her subject is always near her house, the Amsterdam forest where she walks the dogs daily.
The ever-chancing light through the trees never bores.
She was educated at the art Academy Gerrit Rietveld and the Amsterdam Institute of the Art of Painting.

De oever

Paul Dijkman

Paul Dijkman has been painting since he was 16. He sold his work to pay for the materials. Painting became a way of life. After studying architecture in Delft, he became a professional painter, inspired by his travels through the Amazon forest. Dijkman developed confusing, symbolic canvases, a contemporary symbolism that expresses our wondrous existence on earth. We see turbulent water, shores of unknown regions and labyrinthine forests. Light whirls through the foliage, seeds sprout, plants reach out. Life is a mystery, full of coincidences and wonderful opportunities.

Robin Edelkoort

Robin Edelkoort (1952) lives and works in The Hague. After the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, he worked as an art director at various advertising agencies for 25 years. Painting has been a focus of him since childhood. His work is realistic. His subjects are often inspired by trivial clippings of paper and insignificant glassware. Especially the brilliance of the ‘worthless’ Picardie glass (Duralex) fascinates him immensely. He works with acrylic on canvas in a wide range of sizes.

Laurence Winter

Laurence Winter wants to do the things “her” way.She did not give up until she found her unique material and technique that could express her subjects the best.Working on metal, where the aging is influenced by rust, layers of paint, and  partially sanded again, her work gets the old weathered look.Her subjects fit and blend in beautifully. Her work is a little mysical, it makes you think and wonder.

Paulus Kamp

Paulus Kamp is one of those artists who are multi-talented.He is a master in any medium he works with: oils, acrylic, drawing, pencil, you name it. In no time, he’s an expert in that medium.Also, his subjects vary between abstract, realistic, geometric, portraits, still-lifes…But it looks like Paulus’ enormous bulk of work brought him to where he is right now: a teacher.Paulus is working on spreading his knowledge by publishing books.Look out for his book on perspective coming out soon in 2021.

Anouk Slegers

Anouk Slegers, 1961,  lives and works from both the south of Spain as Amsterdam. “Not paying any attention to trends nor fashion  she places historical images in a contemporary setting without avoiding elements of disbalans nor controversiality, which make her paintings interesting, suggestive and mysterious as the paintings of Magritte, literature of Kafka and Freuds dreams. The symbolistic and mythical elements give meaning and humour to her work”